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Our work is about genuine, honest, preservation & protection. It's a symbol of our commitment and a reflection of the lives of those who enjoy it.
Steve Macchio
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we provide a safe process, to clean and treat restaurant grease waste water and transforming it to eco-clean reusable energy. This reusable energy is then utilized to create reusable green products such as pellets, a natural fertilizer.


One of many renewable solutions that is available today at Clean & Green Corporation is to convert residual waste into eco-clean reusable energy, thus reducing the carbon footprint and keeping our environment clean. We then utilize our own eco-clean energy to manufacture reusable green products.


Sustainable solution for our environment is to converse and generate new methods of treating and reusing waste and reducing reliance on foreign fuel.


Producing a natural fertilizer pellet product for local famers, gardener, landscapers and homeowners, providing a safe, sustainable, and renewable solution for our environment. “

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