Welcome to Clear Flo Technologies, Inc.

We specialize in Receiving, Processing, and Disposal of non-hazardous liquid waste for: Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Shopping Malls, Car Wash, Pharmaceutical Plants, Manufacturing Plants, Textile Manufacturing Plants, Automobile Manufacturing Plants, Sewage Treatment Facilities, Water Treatment Facilities, Landfills and other Waste Facilities.

Benefits to our Community:

Clean Environment
Cost effective
Safe & Reliable
Over 40 years’ experience
Recognized by local, state and federal environmental protection agencies
Active member of the Long Island Liquid Waste Association (LILWA) and National Association of Waste Transporters, Inc. (NAWT) We Service Major Companies and Municipalities Throughout the Tri-State area.


Is Improper Grease Disposal Dangerous?

Yes! Sewer overflows and backups can cause health hazards, damage home interiors, and threaten the environment. An increasingly common cause of overflows is sewer pipes blocked by grease. Grease gets into the sewer from household drains as well as poorly maintained grease traps in restaurants and other businesses.

What are some results of improper grease disposal?

Raw sewage overflowing into your store An expensive and unpleasant cleanup that often must be paid for by you, the store owner Raw sewage overflowing into parks, yards, and streets Potential contact with disease-causing organisms An increase in operation and maintenance costs for local sewer departments, which causes higher sewer bills for customers.

How can Clear Flo Technologies, Inc. help?

As a member of the Water Environment Federation (WEF), The Long Island Liquid Waste Association, Inc. (LILWA), The National Association of Wastewater Treatment Transportations, Inc. (NAWT) and over 40 years of field experience, Clear Flo provides the highest quality of personalized and responsive service to our customers. We ensure that every hauler and generator that uses our facility is handled in an efficient and professional manner.


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