Long Island Wood Floor Refinishing

Over time, even the most beautiful and well installed hardwood floors will eventually need refinishing. Over time, a hardwood floor can become scratched and worn, especially in high traffic areas. Most homeowners wait until there is an obvious problem with their floors before refinishing them, but proper maintenance can take care of the issue before it even begins.

Our Long Island wood floor refinishing process begins with a thorough evaluation of the floors needing refinishing and a good conversation with the homeowner. We want to know what the traffic is like in any given area, if there are any pets, the finish or how glossy the homeowner wants the floors, and if there is a change in color that the homeowner would like to see on their floors. The great thing about most hardwood floors is that, even if they were stained in the past, if the floor is in good condition, we can easily change the color to stain any existing hardwood floor. Our dedicated professionals work hard to give you the style of flooring that you would like at a price that you can afford.

Homeowners are most often concerned about things that they’ve heard of old wives’ tales regarding Long Island wood floor refinishing. Our process is modern and streamlined. Once the furniture in the room is cleared and the homeowners have selected their stains and finishes, we begin by sanding down the existing hardwood floor. Most homeowners are concerned with the dust that will come up when the floors have been sanded. Although there is a little bit of dust that inevitably will come up with any sanding job, we use modern sanding equipment that is attached to a vacuum. As the sander begins to do its job, the dust is immediately collected and pulled into the vacuum. This not only leaves the home and surrounding rooms clean and dust free, but it also creates a better surface for us to begin the staining and refinishing process. Depending on the finish chosen by the homeowner, the Long Island wood floor refinishing process is usually complete and ready to walk on the very next day. Some homeowners avoid their Long Island wood floor refinishing project because they think that there will be harmful fumes. Although there are some fumes associated with any type of paint, stain, or varnish, adequate ventilation (an open door or window) will be enough to eliminate what few fumes there may be.

Whether your floor is light or dark, wide plank or thin, we can provide you with Long Island wood floor refinishing options to make it look brand new again. If you’re considering replacing your worn out hardwood floors, think again and give us a call. We may be able to save your existing floors or update their color. With proper maintenance, your existing hardwood floors can be made new again and you can easily expect them to last a lifetime.

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