Clean & Green is manufacturing a fertilizer “L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company”; for local farmers, gardeners, landscapers and homeowners, providing a safe, sustainable, and renewable solution for our environment. We are very excited about the benefits of the L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company Organic-Nitrogen Fertilizer. These benefits include those listed below.


L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company is an all-purpose organic-nitrogen fertilizer and can be used safely on farms, lawns, flowers, shrubs and trees, as well as a carrier when spreading grass seed.

Will Not Burn Plants

Will not result in streaks, stripes or accidentally burning a lawn. It contains virtually no salts, so it won’t burn plants, even in the hottest temperatures or driest conditions. There is no need to water it in. It will stay in the soil ready to work when moisture becomes available.

Iron in the L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company Makes Grass Greener

Grass needs iron for the long-lasting, deep, vibrant green lawn everyone wants. L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company delivers organically complex iron throughout the feeding period and won’t stain concrete, unlike iron salts in some synthetic fertilizers.

Slow-Release: Steady Growth, Less Runoff

L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company’s slow-release formula provides nitrogen and other nutrients for up to 10 weeks after application. This provides steady growth and better root development over a longer period of time, instead of a sudden growth spurt resulting in excessive grass clippings. The best defense against weeds is a healthy lawn. Users of L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company may not need to use as much water, herbicides and pesticides.

Slow release is good for gardens, too. The slow release organic-nitrogen feeds plants evenly and gradually. It doesn’t interfere with flowering and results in strong stalks and extensive root development. Slow release is also good for the environment; L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company nutrients release gradually as the plants can use them. As a result, L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company is less likely than chemical fertilize to impact groundwater, provided users do not exceed recommended rates.

Organic Matter Improves the Soil

Healthy soil is the key to healthier grass and plants. L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company is composed of 75% organic matter, which improves soil tilth and friability, increases water holding capacity, nourishes the plants and feeds the soil microbes.  L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company is ideal for sandy soils frequently found on Long Island because it adds organic matter and doesn’t leach, which means the water-soluble nutrients aren’t washed away.

Manufactured from a Sustainable Resource

Products like L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company have been recycled for over 90 years. There are no mined resources or synthetics in L.I. Organic Fertilizer. Production and recommended uses of L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company is guided by our dedication to be good stewards of the environment.

Manufactured Locally

Recycled products like L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company are an important and growing part of creating resilient local economies, where resource recovery contributes to economic growth by creating jobs and reducing utility costs that benefits ratepayers.


Safety is our number one concern. L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company meets stringent criteria imposed on any biosolids or fertilizer product for health, safety, and environmental concerns. L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company complies with all federal and state regulations, which allows L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company to be used for a variety of fertilizing needs.

Although Long Island has a relatively high population density there are many agri-businesses that have a need for plant nutrients and soil amendments. Suffolk County, for example, leads the State of New York in total sales in agricultural products.1 With concerns about local groundwater quality many of these businesses could be potential users of products with slow release nutrients that that are less likely to impact groundwater quality.

In addition, users of L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company provide benefits to soil health and reduce requirements for chemical fertilizers. L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company has demonstrated, through extensive testing, the quality of the end product prior to consideration of its use on Long Island.

The L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company heat dried biosolids has several value-added characteristics to benefit customers;

1. Slow Release Nitrogen- Approximately 90% of the nitrogen contained in the L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company product is in the organic form. This is a non-leachable matrix that will remain in the soil until the soil microorganisms and plant roots break it down and extract the plant available portion.

2. Slow release phosphorus- the Phosphorus Source Coefficient2 for L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company heat dried biosolids is 0.1. These results demonstrate a very low leaching potential, yet the phosphorus will be available to the plants.

3. Organic matter- The organic matter in the heat dried biosolids will improve a soil’s water holding capacity. This is important to growers and top soil manufacturers because the sandy soils of Long Island can be excessively well drained. Organic matter in the root zone will hold water and nutrients long enough to benefit the plants.

4. Improve soil microbial populations- Growers are becoming more aware of the important role that soil microorganisms play in plant health. The synergistic effect between plants and soil fungus, for example, improves plant’s ability to uptake phosphorus which leads to strong stems and a well-developed root ball and subsequent drought tolerance. L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company biosolids provide an excellent source of food for soil microbes.

5. Accelerated plant growth- Recent research conducted by Virginia Tech found the soils amended with biosolids actually enhance the plants’ ability to produce their own growth hormones and resulted in faster growing plants.

6. Dry Product- L.I. Organic Fertilizer Company is 90% total solids or greater, this means customers are not paying to transport water. Microorganisms are not likely to survive in a dry material and therefore the product will not change in quality.

7. Recycled product- Today’s businesses find it pays to recycle. Relaying the concept that a company operates in an environmentally sustainable manner builds customer loyalty. The majority of consumers have a strong recycling ethic.

Manufactured locally- consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of buying locally grown or manufactured products. Buying locally is a sustainable practice with a smaller carbon footprint than buying materials produced off Long Island.